Chocolate Cherry Waffle Cake Recipe

This cake looks fancy due to all the layers of sticky cherry and clean whipped cream decadence, however it’s SO clean to make.  ideal for Valentine’s Day due to the fact you may spend greater time with your date and much less time slaving away over a warm oven.  You simply take chocolate cake batter (store-bought to save time) and throw it in a waffle maker.  

This creates a lovely chocolate waffle with a wet, cake-like consistency and crispy edges.  I definitely didn’t personal a waffle maker prior to being stimulated to create this recipe (tragic, I realize), so i bought the Hamilton seaside four-Piece Belgian Waffle Maker specifically for this cake.  It’s amazing!  low-cost rate and makes beautiful dessert waffles for this recipe!

Cake in a waffle iron.  stop what you’re doing– this is big!  The fine factor that’s befell to dessert (and breakfast, for that rely) on the grounds that apple pie.  This Chocolate Cherry Waffle Cake is splendid decadent with wealthy chocolate, luscious cream, and tart cherries.


  • 1 bowl chocolate cake batter made according to package guidelines from a trendy (17 ounces) store-offered package deal of cake mix
  • 1 (7 oz.) can mild, real dairy whipped cream
  • 1 (21 ounces) jar bitter cherries see recipe observe below
  • Chocolate sauce for drizzling


  1. Make 6 waffles the use of the chocolate cake batter, in line with your waffle maker's commands. I do approximately a ⅓ cup of batter for 3-4 minutes. when you have a waffle maker that makes large waffles, alter the amount of batter and cooking time, as important.
  2. allow the waffles to cool absolutely for approximately five-10 miutes. it's excellent vital that you let the waffles cool, in order that the whipped cream may not soften while you stack your cake.  you may additionally stick the waffles in the refrigerator in you're brief on time.
  3. as soon as waffles are cool, positioned one waffle on a plate. Spray whipped cream around the outer edges of the waffle. Fill the the inner of the waffle with a three-4 tablespoons of cherries. pinnacle with another waffle.
  4. Repeat step three with the final layers, along with the pinnacle layer. Drizzle chocolate sauce at the pinnacle and across the plate. enjoy!