Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups Recipe

Rainbow gelatin is a fantastic manner to make a truly dull dessert interesting. (Sorry, gelatin, but it’s authentic!) undeniable gelatin cups are a sleep. however rainbow gelatin cups? Rainbow gelatin cups are a party!

Those pastel gelatin cups are inspired by means of the immensely popular Easter No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes. They’re usually certainly one of SugarHero’s pinnacle spring recipes, and plenty of people love them and request comparable recipes. We additionally get requests from folks that don’t like cheesecake, however nevertheless want to get in at the springtime rainbow fun. So right here we move—a quite striped pastel deal with, no cream cheese required!

Searching out an clean spring or Easter dessert? these Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups are easy, youngster-friendly, and so stunning! Serve them undeniable, or top them with whipped cream and sprinkles!


  • 3.seventy five cups water divided use
  • five (3 ounces) packages flavored gelatin I used purple, blue, pink, yellow, and green (see be aware under)
  • 1.25 cups global pride candy Cream espresso creamer divided use
  • 2.5 cups vanilla yogurt divided use
  • Whipped cream for topping
  • Sprinkles or other decorations


  1. if you are using man or woman glasses, set your 12 glasses on a baking sheet. if you are the usage of a cake pan or bundt pan, spray it gently with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. For each layer, you will use one 3-oz.gelatin package, ¾ cup boiling water, ¼ cup worldwide pleasure sweet Cream espresso creamer, and ½ cup vanilla yogurt.
  3. Pour every three-ozpackage deal of gelatin into its personal medium bowl. upload ¾ cup boiling water to each bowl, and whisk nicely, for about 30-60 seconds every, to make certain all the gelatin granules are dissolved.
  4. The gelatin desires to be room temperature before you could add the dairy additives. most of the layers can sit at room temperature and funky, but you could speed up the technique for the primary layer and refrigerate it for 10-15 minutes, till it's far not heat. It have to now not be starting to set, however it should experience impartial to the touch. If it has started out to set round the rims, microwave it for just 10 seconds or so, then whisk properly in order that it's far absolutely fluid.
  5. add ¼ cup of global delight sweet Cream espresso creamer and ½ cup of vanilla yogurt to the bowl, and whisk nicely, till you have got a clean, creamy pastel aggregate. Divide it frivolously among your glasses, using approximately 2 TBSP according to glass. (if you are using a massive pan, pour the complete contents into the bottom of the pan.)
  6. place the tray of glasses into the fridge to set, for approximately 15 minutes. (in case you’re in a hurry, you may location it within the freezer for approximately 8 mins, however don’t let it freeze completely!) observe that the timing is probably slightly exclusive in case you are using a cake or bundt pan. whilst you contact the pinnacle of the gelatin along with your finger, it need to sense in the main set, but it’s ok in case your finger leaves a slight mark within the pinnacle.
  7. once the primary layer is ready, ensure that the gelatin for the second one layer is room temperature, then whisk within the creamer and yogurt. Pour the second one shade on pinnacle of the primary, and kick back again for 15 minutes, till often set.
  8. preserve to repeat this procedure with the remaining three colorings. The gelatin which you blended up in the beginning have to be excellent sitting at room temperature, but in case you discover that it does start to set around the rims, microwave it in brief and whisk well to make certain it’s fluid before including the dairy.
  9. in any case five colours had been layered, refrigerate the cups for at the least four hours earlier than serving, to ensure they’re set all of the manner through.
  10. pinnacle every cup with a swirl of whipped cream, and something sprinkles or different decorations you’d like! these Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups preserve thoroughly inside the refrigerator, so that you can prepare them several days in advance and wrap them in plastic wrap, so the tops don’t dry out, till you’re geared up to enhance and serve them.
source @sugarhero