Pink Lemonade Champagne Margarita Recipe

Pink lemonade is that the secret to those beautiful very little pink champagne cocktails. The classic champagne margaritas ar delicious after all, however adding in a very pop of sweet pink ade puts these into dangerous territory.

And after all, once I say dangerous, I mean terrific within the “I can’t very style the alcohol however i do know it’s there” and every one the unexpected I’m at the marriage recreation to heroic tale like nobodies business and that i simply don’t care.

Nothing says elegant quite like these beautiful Pink ade Champagne Margaritas. the proper champagne cocktail for weddings, showers or ladies night out!


  • one cup champagne
  • a pair of cups pink ade
  • ½ cup spirits
  • ½ cup orange liqueur
  • ¼ cup juice
  • lime slices
  • Toppings -- sugar sticks horn-rimmed with pink salt and/or sugar

Full recipe visit @theadventurebite