Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Recipe

Experience this fruity rhubarb and ginger gin on its very own, or combined as a protracted drink. A deliciously unique tipple that’s clean to make and easier to enjoy. 

Stronger, less expensive and a ways higher tasting than shopping for a geared up made – what is not to love? Domestic made infusions are a delicious way of blending it up in terms of drinks. This rhubarb and ginger gin is the precise instance: easy to make, delicious, and so flexible. It’s a great alternate from, however as clean to make as the better-recognised sloe gin.

We had been inspired to make this having been given a bottle of rhubarb and ginger gin at Christmas, I think that ours is far advanced, fresher and a long way greater herbal tasting, as well as far less expensive to make.


  • 340 g rhubarb stalks (as purple as you could locate, trim the ends and leaves and discard)
  • 140 g white caster sugar
  • 270 ml gin
  • 2 slices clean ginger


  1. Cut the rhubarb into 2 - 3cm lengths. 
  2. Vicinity all the components right into a Kilner or comparable jar, seal and gently swirl.
  3. Vicinity in a dark cupboard, giving a gentle shake regular until the sugar is dissolved.    flavor to test for sweetness and upload a little greater sugar as wanted. 
  4. Depart for two-3 weeks (no extra than four) - while equipped most of the coloration can be lost from the rhubarb. 
  5. Strain thru a espresso filter, nut milk or jelly bag into clean sterilized bottles. 
  6. Wrap the rhubarb right into a clean tea towel and give a simply true squeeze to extract all the gin.