Watermelon Lemonade Without Added Sugar Recipe

To maximum of you, it received’t be a marvel anymore that I’m a large fan of watermelon. except the truth that it’s enormously tasty it additionally comes with a tonne of beneficial nutrients but most of all, it’s a terrific fruit to work with. So after letting you men in on my watermelon ice pops and my watermelon sorbet, I figured i'd as properly permit the entire watermelon out of the bag and whole the summer goodness with this excellent watermelon lemonade with out delivered sugar! yes, wordplays – I’ll see myself out.

I'm a huge fan of bloodless liquids at some point of summer time, and whilst I try to stay with water at some stage in the days, I crave my treats in the evenings. In reality, I continually try to make my nights a touch bit special, specially after hot and demanding weekdays. 

This watermelon lemonade is ideal for this on account that it is accomplished in a pinch and appears as adorable as it tastes. other than tasting terrific, it comes with a relatively wide variety of vitamins that you generally do now not accomplice with a sweet lemonade.


  • 2 kg watermelon wiped clean 
  • four lemons


  1. half of your watermelon and scoop the flesh into a blender. manner until easy and pressure via a first-rate-mesh sieve to take away seeds.
  2. Juice the lemons and upload them to the watermelon juice and a beneficiant amount of ice cubes to a massive pitcher.
  3. Serve in person glasses by way of adding some slices of lemon and mint.